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Hey, okay.

So I’ve been talking to this boy I’ve met online for about three weeks. We FaceTime all the time but haven’t met yet he lives like 45 mintues away but are planning on meeting. I like him. A lot. He tells me he likes me a lot and is super cute and I can see myself with him and it’s been really great. But the problem is I asked him today if he was talking to anyone other than me because I’ve been hurt so many times by guys choosing a different girl and being “second best” so his answer was this “kinda but it’s not like I’m juggling women tho I’m just trying to be a decent guy trying to figure out what I want” he was honest which I appreciate but I kinda got sad.. I don’t know how comfortable I am with it or how to say I’m not comfortable with it without seeming like a crazy white girl. I don’t know guys please give me help.

Anonymous: a very similar thing just happened to me this past week! i did every thing i could to make this boy happy and he just stopped. no explanation no goodbye, nothing. and the silence hurts more than anything and i would think "i don't need anyone who doesn't want me!" and then i'd get sad and cry and this cycle went on for a few days but just remember there are sooo many boys and try your hardest not to let one ruin your day. in 5 years, this one dumb boy won't even matter. stay happy, beautiful! 

Exactly it’s just the unknown that kill me. It’s just like let me know that you don’t want this and I’ll be fine. Just keeping me hanging and without answer is horrible.

Okie I guess I need to write this down to get my feelings out. I was “talking” to this boy who I’ve always thought was cute for the past year who was in one of my college classes and I finally got the courage to message him about a month ago. And it was going great he was super flirty with me but it wasn’t sexual just cute and sweet but we never really talked about relationship or whatever but he thought I was beautiful and told me one night he wanted to make me smile everyday. It was just great and I was happy but not trying to rush things or overthink. Than last Tuesday he texted me and was like I want to take you on a date this weekend, so we planned it on Saturday and Saturday arrives and he cancels. But then reschedules for a Tuesday movie date which I’m like that’s fine still happy. We barley talk Sunday. Monday he never answered my what’s up, then never hears from him today “our movie date” and so I text him tonight saying”hey if you didn’t want to go you could have atleast told me or something” and he never wrote back but proceeded to view my snapchat stories which is frustrating. I just don’t feel good enough. I never feel good enough. Why does this always happen to me? I didn’t even suggest the date! And why didn’t he just tell me like hey sorry I’m not into you. I’m just really upset and angry and I just feel like a piece of shut and idk.

You can’t make anyone like you


you can’t force yourself to like anyone.

If it’s not there it’s not there.